Introducing Safe Sharps Disposal with
Needle Shark NS-950

Compact, portable, and affordable, the revolutionary Needle Shark NS-950 shreds sharps into micro-sized particles at the point of use. When the sharps container is full, EPA-approved Benefect® completely sanitizes the shredded particles, eliminating accidents and changing sharps management forever.

Needle Shark Safe Sharps Disposal
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Needle Shark is the only way to immediately and safely destroy dangerous used sharps onsite.

  • Completely destroys and compacts sharps in 1.5 seconds at point of use
  • Shreds needles, syringes and plastic casings into unrecognizable micro-sized particles
  • Eliminates injury risk during transport and disposal
  • Hands-free operation makes disposal quick, safe and simple
  • Portable and compact
  • HEPA filtration eliminates potential airborne pathogens, keeps container fresh and odorless
  • Alerts you when container is full, automatically shuts down
  • Holds hundreds of shredded sharps in locked hazardous waste chamber
  • Shreds needles, syringes, scalpels, pipettes, disposable razors and more
  • Helps you meet OSHA standards
  • Reduces medical waste volume by up to 85%
  • Shredded particles can be thoroughly disinfected with use of Benefect®
Needle Shark NS-950 improves safety on the job,
reduces injury liability and reduces disposal costs.

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Needle Shark is available through SoSafe Medical.

As Needle Shark’s only authorized reseller in Tennessee, Franklin-based medical technology distributor SoSafe Medical has been instrumental in refining the product’s design, functionality and features since its early testing phases. The company was responsible for presenting Needle Shark to medical providers across the Middle Tennessee region for pre-market input, and the model you see today was developed after countless hours of collaboration and testing with the inventor, manufacturers and healthcare professionals. SoSafe Medical is more than Needle Shark’s Exclusive vendor in Tennessee; they’re proud to be part of the Needle Shark story, too.

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