Needle Stick Injury Prevention

Stop collecting dangerous used sharps.  Start destroying them.

Shredding sharps at the point of use eliminates needlestick injuries, dramatically reduces liability, prevents secondary use and significantly shrinks waste volume.

And only one simple machine can do it.

Needle Stick Prevention
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Improve Safety.

Needlestick injuries are a top concern among healthcare workers, carrying the risk of transmitting bloodborne pathogens like HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Used needles and sharps also threaten the safety of janitorial staff, patients and others. Needle Shark virtually eliminates used needle handling for safe storage, transportation and disposal.

  • Helps you meet strict OSHA regulations and standards
  • Completely shreds needles and syringes to unrecognizable micro-particles
  • HEPA  filtration eliminates potential airborne pathogens
  • Hands-free operation eliminates used sharps handling

An estimated 8 million work-related needlestick injuries occur annually, about half of which go unreported.*

What if you could eliminate them completely in your facility?

8 billion needles end up in landfills every year, and 80% arrive fully intact and reusable.

Make sure 0% of them are yours.

Reduce Liability.

Federal law holds your facility accountable for improper disposal, accident, theft, and reuse of every needle, even after the waste has been picked up by a professional company.  In fact, this “cradle to grave” liability applies until the sharps are buried in the landfill. Shredding and disinfecting sharps on-site renders them harmless before they’re even out the door.

  • Prevents costly needlestick accidents
  • Eliminates dangerous needle theft and reuse
  • Reduces methods of medical diversion
  • Significantly shortens the “cradle to grave” cycle
  • Dramatically reduces downstream risk during collection, transport and disposal

Go Greener.

Once treated with Benefect® botanical disinfectant, your shredded sharps waste is safe for regular black bag disposal*. Your facility will not only save space in the landfill, but also ensure that the waste you generate is safer for the environment and aligned with your organization’s specific green initiatives and goals.

  • Disinfect waste naturally with Benefect®, no harsh toxic chemicals involved
  • Reduce acres of landfill disposal space
  • Prepare filled containers for easy recycling

*In most states.


Plant-derived Benefect® natural disinfectant surpasses the government’s germ killing requirements for hospital disinfectants, yet is environmentally safe enough to use without PPE, latex gloves, or other protection.

Sharps injuries add $1 Billion in unnecessary annual costs to US hospitals alone.

Needle Shark pays for itself with just one prevented accident.

Save Money.

Changing the way you store and dispose of used sharps will dramatically reduce medical waste disposal costs. You’ll also prevent expensive testing and treatment associated with preventable needlestick injuries.

  • Reduces waste hauling and material costs with fewer pick-ups by your disposal company
  • Virtually eliminates costly stick accidents

What is Benefect® Disinfectant?

Benefect® is a revolutionary blend of Thyme oil and antimicrobial extracts that surpasses the government’s germ killing requirements for hospital disinfectants, earning classification as an EPA List B Tuberculocide Product. Benefect is made of essential plant oils instead of traditional synthetic disinfectants like quaternary ammonia or chlorine, so it kills germs more effectively than harmful chemicals while earning unprecedented safety ratings from OSHA and the EPA.